When I decided to become a doula, I did so knowing that I wanted to help other women have their best birth. Especially other women who may miss out on support and education due to financial restrictions. I personally was in a position of scraping pennies together while pregnant with my first son. Thankfully, God placed amazing women in my life to help educate me and support me during my birth. After having that support, my heart has been on fire for helping other mothers who may be in a similar situation as much as I possibly can. 

I have a real passion for natural birth. I think it’s awesome! My heart aches each time I read about an enthusiastic first time mother who went into the hospital with the goal of having a natural birth and was pushed in another direction because of lack of support during labor. I just want to hug each of those women. But more than that, I want to support them so that they don’t have to go down that road. 

My goal is to always offer affordable care, that way everyone can have the support they need.

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