Doula What?

A doula is like a super knowledgeable, unphased by anything, non-biased, best friend during labor. At least that’s how I like to think of itBeccas Birth Services BW (4 of 43)

This is a person with some level of expertise in labor support. This is someone you can ask about things you aren’t sure about, she should be able to provide some emotional support as well as point you towards some evidence based information. A doula stays on call for your during the weeks surrounding your due date. For me, this means always having a babysitter available, snacks in the fridge and my bag of supplies packed. It also means making sure my phone ringer is turned on loud so that I don’t miss your call in the middle of the night. When I’m at a labor I naturally have compassion for the mom, this allows me to squeeze hips for hours, rebozo sift continuously (even when my arm muscles don’t think they’ll survive) and offer encouragement throughout the whole thing.

I don’t know everything about labor (who does??), but I have a lot of experience and connections with others who do. Every birth is a new experience with some kind of new knowledge to be gained. Who doesn’t want someone who has been there and done that to stand along side them and cheer them on? I sure couldn’t have done it without my doula and hubby by my side!!


Becoming a new mom puts you in a position of learning a LOT in a limited amount of time. I’ve been a mother for three years and I’m positive there’s things I’ll learn with each new baby I have. Trying to figure it out on your own can be overwhelming. I mean, there’s the car seats, strollers, clothes, cribs, food, pediatrician, who’s going to help after baby is born, cloth or disposable diapers, what type of cloth, baby wearing options, and the list goes on… and on… None of that even covers your birth options. Part of my job as a doula is to help you discover your birth options. There are things I’m just now realizing that I had a choice or say in during my labors. I just didn’t know better. I want you to have the ability to know all of your choices and make them with confidence.

Something I love to focus on as the doula is keeping your partner involved. You didn’t hire me to replace them, you hired me to work with them. A lot of times that means giving him a job, like holding your hand, letting you lean on them, or maybe even putting them to work with some counter pressure. We are a team and we work together!

Once baby is born, my focus is still on you. I love babies and they are so adorable! BUT this isn’t my time to admire your baby, it’s yours. After birth, my goal is to support you with feeding and bonding with your baby.

To get a better idea of what it looks like to hire me as your doula, check out my new blog post What do I do?


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