A Whole New World

Just find out you are expecting? Weren’t expecting that? Or maybe you’re planning ahead to save up for when you do get pregnant? It’s a whole new world, isn’t it?!

The first time for me was a complete surprise. It did explain why I followed through with a random urge to chop off all my hair, but a surprise nonetheless. I had NO IDEA what to do. I mean obviously eat healthy… take your vitamins… (which ones?? There are sooooo many!) Find a care provider…

I thought that covered it. It didn’t even scratch the surface of possibilities during pregnancy. Here’s an overview of what could be helpful and necessary during a pregnancy and about how much you should expect to pay.



Prenatal Care and Delivery

One of the main things to consider is what kind of birth you want to have. Home, birth center, or hospital? Which one feels the most comfortable to you? After you decide what you want it’s time to start interviewing. Check out several providers. Tour their facilities. Take some time and decide what feels right!

The average cost of midwifery care in Texas is around $5,000. A hospital delivery could cost anywhere from $8,000-25,000 or more


Depending on what you take, this section could be very cheap or pretty costly. I’ll just put down the costs for what I take, and you can do your own research on what you’d like.

Here’s my standard supplement routine while pregnant:

  • Prenatals/multivitamin: $23/ month
  • Shaklee GLA (sanity-saving-hormone-balancer): $33/ month (I highly recommend this for the last trimester especially, but it’s great throughout your entire pregnancy)
  • Pre/Probiotics: $33/month (this stuff helps me stay regular. And that’s a huge deal during pregnancy… in case you didn’t know… I didn’t.)
  • Red Raspberry leaf tea: $5/16 serving box (After 30 weeks I try to drink at least one glass of this a day. The more, the better. It has really helped with delivery and recovery for my births.)

I’ve used other supplements during pregnancy as needed, but these are my definite needs.

That totals to somewhere around: $760


Since eating healthy means something different for everyone, and I am definitely not an expert so I will leave this one open for interpretation.

I do want to stress how important it is though! What you eat is what’s feeding your baby. Make wise choices, not only for yourself, but also for that precious bundle.


This is high on my list of priorities when I’m pregnant. During pregnancy your body begins releasing the prolactin hormone, which lets your muscles relax in order to accommodate for the growth of your belly/womb. This also means that it’s a lot easier for your bones to shift around and potentially get out of place. For me and many other mamas, this means sciatica pain if I don’t get my routine adjustments.

I’ve also found that having chiropractic care can help keep your baby in a good position, which makes for a much easier delivery. I’ve done it both ways… with regular care and without. It makes a WORLD of difference. Trust me. I’m talking 32 hours of back labor versus 6 hours of regular. This stuff matters. It is very important to make sure you use a Webster certified chiropractor, they have special training in caring for pregnant women.

You’ll also find it helpful to see your chiropractor right after you deliver the baby. Childbirth can sure do a number to a woman’s pelvis. Baby can be adjusted too!

Some chiropractors accept insurance and some don’t, so that will play a role in what your final cost is. There are also some who offer a box-on-the-wall system of payment. In those situations you usually pay an initial consult fee and then pay what you can for the follow up visits. Here’s what I’ve found to be the average cash pay price near me:

Normal adjustment: $50/visit

***A good rule of thumb is to see your chiropractor as often as you go to your prenatal appointments. You usually start seeing your care provider around 10-12 weeks into your pregnancy. Until somewhere around 28 weeks you go once a month, then every two weeks until 36 weeks when you go weekly. So that’s around 14 appointments.

Average Cost: $700

Maternity and/or Newborn Photography

These are some milestone memories that you will definitely want documented.

Malia Maureen Photography does some really awesome work!!

Average cost: $500-$1,000


Who doesn’t want to see a glimpse of the cute baby growing inside of them? Your care provider will typically want to have an anatomy scan done around 20 weeks to make sure everything is going well. That’s the only truly necessary ultrasound during a normal, healthy pregnancy with no complications or concerns. But there are lots of places that offer 3D ultrasounds where you can see babies actual features, instead of what may just look like fuzzy lines on the screen.

Cost: anywhere from $50-200 depending on the location/package

Childbirth Education Class

You don’t know what you don’t know. As with anything new, there’s lots to learn. So why not take a class with a trained individual who is knowledgeable in the topic already. You may not agree with everything they teach at your class, but it should give you a definite idea of what to expect during labor/birth and open your eyes to options you may not have known you had. From here you can do further research on exactly what you want! You may even make friends with the other expecting couples in your class.

There are lots of options on what to take for classes, so do some research before and see what the best options are in your area.

Most classes cost between $150-300

**You may also be able to find a free class (ask me about one offered in the DFW area by The Natural Way Birthing Project), or attend different meetings on various topics that will aid in your research. It’s usually easy to find some of these with local pregnancy or birth centers.

Massage Therapy

Who doesn’t love a massage? Especially when every part of your growing body starts to ache. One of my best friends gifted me a massage with my second baby, and I am forever grateful. Obviously, this is more of a treat than a necessity, in my opinion anyway. So let’s say you go twice during your pregnancy… I’d save them for the end.

Average Prenatal Massage: $60

So let’s say $120 for the whole pregnancy

Since everything is up to you and what you want,

I’ll let you do the math. 😉



Doula- Birth and/or Postpartum

Having a labor support person is critical in my experience. A doula can make you a snack, offer positions and comfort measures to make labor more comfortable and help you acclimate to the new baby. I couldn’t have done it without my doula and love getting to be that support for others. The cost ranges depending on where you live and who you hire. Just like with your care provider, interview several people. Find the best fit for you!

Postpartum doulas are available to help you with adjusting to life with a newborn. Some of these ladies offer meal prepping, light house cleaning (we’re talking switching the laundry and washing a load of dishes, not scrubbing your baseboards), nursing advice and help, caring for the baby while you sleep/shower and more. Once you find someone to interview ask them exactly what they offer.

***Some doulas are in training and cannot charge for their births, it’s still a nice idea to donate something for their time and dedication to you. Others may be willing to make a trade for a service or product you offer. Almost every doula I know offers some sort of payment plan, this usually needs to be paid before 37 weeks when they go on call so make sure you plan accordingly.

You can checkout doulamatch.com to find out what the average cost is in your area and set up interviews with local doulas.

I offer doula services to Cleburne and the surrounding areas.  I would love to schedule an interview with you!

In the DFW area, the average cost is between $600 and $1300 for a birth doula and around $30/hour for postpartum doulas.

Birth Photographer

These pictures will last a lifetime. Those moments of smiling and laughing between contractions, the intense focus during transition, and the first time you hold your baby are special. You only get one chance to capture them. Check out photographers in your area and find someone with a style you like.

***Make sure they know what being on-call means (they will drop everything and come to you, even if it’s in the middle of the night) and that they have a backup. Hiring a new photographer may help you save some money, but be sure the person is serious. It’d be awful to pay someone for those important photos and never get them.

KEDocumentary is amazing!!

Average cost: Between $1,200-$2,500

Placenta Encapsulation

This is something to do research on and decide if it’s right for you. There haven’t been any formal studies done on it so far, but it is reported to help with lactation and energy during postpartum recovery.

Check out my website for the packages I offer.

Average Cost: $300

Lactation Consultant

Figuring out your nursing relationship with your new baby can be difficult. Getting the right latch is often daunting. How do you hold the baby? Why did they latch right on for the nurses but you can’t get them to do it again? Having a meeting with an IBCLC after baby is born can help sort out the kinks and ease your nerves.

For Babies Sake is fantastic at helping with lactation!

Average cost: anywhere from $60-200




There is much to research during pregnancy in preparation for your new baby and the changes that come with parenthood. This should give you a good idea of what to look into for your current or future pregnancies!

So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and schedule some interviews so you can sign those contracts!




*** I’ve included links to some of my favorite providers/resources. There are a lot of other great options out there also! I encourage you to find the one that works best for your family. I am happy to talk with you and help you find exactly who that may be. 🙂

** I can offer provider recommendations based on location and desires. Please just send me a private message so we can chat.

*Images used are from KEdocumentary and Malia Maureen Photography, as well as Adrianne Rodrigues, photographer


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