Hello, I am Rebecca!

I’m happily married and have two adorable little boys. I’ve been a doula for 3 years. I’m very excited to be growing my business and look forward to sharing my passion for pregnant women and birth.

When I became pregnant with my oldest son, I knew I wanted to have a medication free water birth, and that I did! Throughout that pregnancy, I took a childbirth education class and read all I could about birth and pregnancy. I had two beautiful births, filled with informed decisions and wonderful support. I know that my births could have been much different without the love and support of my family and birth team. My dream is for every woman to have the same love and support during their most vulnerable moments.

Exactly one year after my oldest was born, a friend asked me to support her during her birth.  I learned many things from her birth that I will keep with me forever. When she called in the middle of the night my phone didn’t ring to wake me up, I had forgotten to turn the ringer on- lesson number 1. Shortly after arriving, my instincts took over and I knew exactly what this laboring mother needed, often before she even asked. Having experienced birth myself, I feel I have a special compassion for women during labor.